1. What should I wear to attend the wedding?
We are happy to have you attend no matter what you wear (as long as you wear something!), but we are inviting you to dress up for our wedding. Therefore, we are inviting black tie. If you'd like more information, email Samantha or visit Emily Post's Wedding attire section.

2. Will you be inviting single guests with a date?
Our first priority was inviting the people we care about. We would love to invite everyone with a guest, but due to monetary constraints, we simply cannot. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have a question on who is invited, please email Samantha or visit Emily Post's Wedding Section.

3. Are you inviting children?
Because of the time of our wedding and monetary constraints, we are not inviting children other than those in the wedding party. If you need help finding local childcare, we will be more than happy to assist you. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

4. Where are you registered?
Please visit our registry section. All the information, as well as links, is there.

5. Why does Samantha have two last names listed?
Samantha is listed with both her father and mother's last name to make it easier for friends and coworkers to enter either last name and find our registries.

6. Why are you getting married on a Friday night?
We are getting married on a Friday night for several reasons. The top two reasons are firstly because the date is very important to us and we did not want to wait until 2007 for it to fall on a Saturday and secondly, it is far less expensive to marry on a Friday night, which is enabling us to have the wedding we both want.

7. What significance is December 29th.?
December 29th. is Samantha's grandparents' wedding anniversary, as well as her nephew's birthday. We chose this date both to honour her grandparents, as well as because they were the longest married couple we both knew.

8. Why is the guest section password protected?
We are trying to make sure that only invited guests can access the location for our ceremony and reception. If you need the password, please email us.

9. I received a magnet. Is this my invitation?
No. Those are our Save the Dates. Because our wedding is so close to Christmas, we want to give everyone as much advance notice as possible. There will be invitations following.